Geo-spatial Services

Provide one stop solution to all types of Geo-spatial services including web-enabled GIS, decision support and logistics management.

We have rich experience of acquisition and management of geo-spatial data and offer related consultancy and services including web based services. Those include showing on GIS/geo-referenced map exact location of facilities and utilities, monitoring event/data in specific locations and related analysis. The system can be integrated with SCADA systems for generating real time spatial information on events. The maps showing related features can be uploaded in the website for being seen and used from anywhere. Much useful information like road network, pipeline network, natural features like forests, rivers and water channels, and relevant socio-economic data may also be shown in different layers, separately or superimposed on each other, which enriches the geo-spatial information required by the client organization and provision is made for appropriate queries as per requirement of the organization. The service is particularly useful for application in infrastructure management, land management, natural resources management, management of commodity distribution and marketing network, socio-economic development, disaster management etc.

We develop customized GIS database with facility for regular updation for various decision support to the client organization. We have developed decision support tools having general applications and we also develop customized tools for automatic data analysis to help decision making. The entire process involves utilization of the most advanced ICT and GIS tools at the back end but the user finds it very convenient to be automatically guided for taking decision.

We provide logistic solution based on tracking system through GPS. This is ideal for client organizations engaged in moving material across wider area by providing real time feedback on the movement status, working out the most economic route and overall planning of movements of vehicles of the organization for optimum resource utilization. We provide solution for tracking location of employees to ensure their staying in field stations or visiting places as prescribed. We also provide solution for monitoring output of the field staff using mobile phones.

We offer consultancy services related to development of land-use plan, particularly for the urban local bodies. This include preparation of geo-referenced maps for GIS of the local body, plot-wise land use and availability of public utility infrastructure such as sewerage and water supply structure, electric line and location of underground and over-ground pipelines etc. We also help local bodies to develop spatial plan for local development and make the same available in the website for citizen to get direct access to relevant information. We are proud of our quality and correctness of geo-referenced maps, which makes it easier for proper spatial planning and to see various aspects of development in different layers for ensuring convergence and optimality of the interventions. The progress of plan implementation and delivery of services to the citizen is also captured on the maps for providing specific information to the local body. Any citizen can access the map and get information from anywhere through internet without requiring any extra software for viewing map.

We help organizations having activities at multiple locations to present the data in a web-enabled map and making analysis of the spatial database. For example, a company may monitor sales of different commodities at different outlets on a real time basis in which the location of the sales outlets will be shown in the map. This will also help in various analysis for improving sales and business performances. With steady growth of rural market in the country such spatial analysis will be of great help to the companies in developing business strategy.