Improving Governance

Providing Solutions for Improving Governance Driven by Knowledge and Technology for Improving Delivery of Services.

Improving delivery of public services is becoming a major demand of the civil society and the government is responding by putting more emphasis on increasing efficiency and effectiveness of services delivered by its various wings. This is done by developing Citizen's Charter, for which some States have already enacted Laws, building capacity of the delivery organization in meeting the standard of services committed to the citizen through the published Charter and putting in place appropriate system of accountability and reporting failures for due compliances to committed service standards. We have a team well experienced in government processes to provide consultancy in improving delivery of public services. The services include development of Citizen's Charter, working out required improvement in governance and establishing a sound Grievance Redress system as well as to build capacity of the employees to meet the required standard. The activities involve analysis of existing government processes and streamlining those through appropriate process reengineering, putting in place clear accountability mechanism, making the process and outputs to be delivered more visible to the citizen/client with appropriate application of Information and Communication Technology and imbibing various good governance practices. This also requires capacity building of the employees and improving working environment and attitude which are also taken up on a turn-key basis along with the other interventions mentioned before.

Reviewing of governance related process and output as well as outcome of various public services is very important to judge the efficiency of resource utilization and effectiveness in meeting need of the citizen. Such monitoring, generally taken up internally, is often weak and the report generated is of limited use in understanding the constraints and weaknesses and knowing the level of satisfaction of the citizen. Thus, in spite of allocation of resources the output remains limited leading to achievement much lower than expected. External monitoring by professional experts can provide very important feedback including required systemic improvement to make the services and programmes more efficient and effective in meeting the ultimate objective concerning well-being of the citizen. We have capability of providing external monitoring support including taking up diagnostic studies, for both processes and outcome, for identifying the systemic weaknesses, assessing benefit actually flowing to the citizen/target group and judging the overall effectiveness of the programme in satisfying the needs of the citizen and possible remedial measures to be taken. We also take up studies for documentation of practices and processes related to governance and programme output and outcomes and carry out impact evaluation of programmes related to socio-economic development.

Local governance has gained importance after the 73rd and 74th Amendment of the Constitution. We provide all sorts of consultancy for strengthening both rural and urban local governance including devolution of Function, Fund and Functionaries and building capacity of Local Governments for better delivery of services, augmentation of own revenue and better fiscal management. One area of our specialization is providing support for decentralized planning for the local areas and to assist local governments in developing their own database including spatial and temporal data for more objectivity in planning. We also provide consultancy support for implementation of the plan and assessing its output and outcome.